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Can someone help me figure out what use is this custom ICC for? Should I select it? It was generated by the Pantone Huey Pro monitor calibrator.

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that's your display ICC Profile. One can generate ICC Profile for almost any device along the chain of digital image capture and production process. I do Not use PS Element ( nor PS ) but it would fall under the color management part of the preference / setting which you can set your input ( I think it did include that, but I am not sure ), Display, and output ( usually Print ) ICC profiles.

If you use display ICC Profile, it will take over and control the image display on screen to match the value to known Calibrated absolutes. So a RGB of 108,108,108 on JPEG with generic SRGB will yield the neutral 18% gray instead of looking pinkish, or bluish because of the monitor's own display discrepancy. In layman term, the ICC profile tell the software how the Monitor display colors and the software correct its signal to display the image properly.

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Re: Photoshop Elements ICC profile - how to use

Thanks for the tips. I find for the best option is to select sRGB then my printer prints the colours correctly and when I send the image to the commercial printers, it matches very well too.

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I would suggest you convert your files to sRGB before publishing them... I always do that, even if I use intermediate profiles for editing.
If the file is in sRGB, you can then skip integrating it into your JPEG, as it's the default anyway on most platform...

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