Topic: Pentax *ist DS and *ist DL IR Modification

For those interested in infrared cameras - I just got done modifying my Pentax *ist DS and a friend's *ist DL to be IR-only cams.  I followed the instructions on but I actually stopped at step 11 (where the cutting or wires starts) and managed to get the sensor out without cutting any wires.  My process for removing the sensor board is documented in my IR gallery (scroll to the bottom).

The DS conversion took me about 3 hours.  For the DL I was practically a pro at about 1 hour.  It wasn't too bad.

The sensor with an IR filter instead of the IR-cut filter:

And a shot with the converted cam:
(1/180s f/11 at 14mm ISO 200)

Re: Pentax *ist DS and *ist DL IR Modification

I have been toying with the idea of picking up a DS with this intention, although I don't know how much I'd really use it hmm

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