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The film advance lever on my Asahi Pentax S1a has just seized. I tripped the shutter and now the lever won't's stuck and won't move at all. I've taken off the bottom cover and can't see anything broken there, but I don't know anything about camera mechanics. I am quite handy though, so I could attempt any repair someone might suggest.

I guess the problem is that the advance lever lock that is engaged while the shutter is cocked did not disengage after the shutter fired. Is there some way of resetting it?



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Once I realized the lever was stuck, I pressed the rewind button at the bottom of the camera in hopes of that fxing the problem. It is now stuck in the depressed position.

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Matt, I'm pleased I was able to help.  I wasn't sure about the S1a, but it was a fair chance the mechanism is similar to a Spotmatic.

The problem affects all Pentax Spotmatic models and probably all the earlier SLRs like Matt's.  It happens when, for some reason, the mirror mechanism doesn't become cocked with the shutter when the film advance lever is operated.  The shutter release button won't depress and the double-exposure prevention stops the lever winding any further.  The camera is completely jammed.  Fortunately it's very simple to cure this.

Remove the bottom plate and hold the camera with the lens facing away from you.  To the left of the tripod mount there's a lever projecting up through a slot.  There's a long spring hooked into a hole in the end of the lever.  With your finger nail push the lever upwards towards the lens to the end of its slot and it will latch itself.  Then fire the shutter and camera is back to normal.

So now you know what to do if you see a Spottie being sold for spares/repair because it's jammed!  wink

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Great advice! Thanks.